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    Monsters - Kree'arra


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    Monsters - Kree'arra

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    Aggressive? Yes Retreats? No Quest? No Members? Yes Poisonous? No


    God Wars Dungeon - Armadyl's Eyrie; Boss Chamber

    P2P Only drops:

    * Gold: 19500-21500
    * 100%: Big bones, Feathers(1-16)
    * Weapon: Adamant javelin(17), Dragon spear, Rune 2h sword, Rune battleaxe, Rune crossbow, Rune javelin(5), Rune spear, Rune sword, Steel darts(92)
    * Armour: Armadyl chestplate, Armadyl helmet, Armadyl plateskirt, Black dragonhide body, Dragon med helm, Rune chainbody, Rune kiteshield, Rune platebody, Rune sq shield
    * Runes/Arrows: Death(42,45), Law(43,45), Mind(594-601), Nature(64-67), Rune(100-105), Steel(148), Dragon bolt(e)(5-10), Rune bolt(20-26)
    * Misc: Armadyl hilt, Clue scroll(level 3), Crystal key, Curved bone, Godsword shards, Half key, Long bone, Mushroom potato(3), Ranging potion(3-dose)(3), Shield left half(dragon), Super defence(3-dose)(3), Uncut gems, and several types of Herb(13 noted)
    * Seeds:Yew tree(1) and several types of Herb(1)
    * Charm(1): Gold, Green, Crimson, Blue

    Notes: "Graceful avatar of Armadyl."

    This is the boss of Armadyl's Eyrie (70 Range required) in the God Wars dungeon. To access this room, you must kill 40 monsters belonging to Armadyl's army in the dungeon.

    Kree'arra is immune to poison. Its maximum hit using Range is over 60 (Reported 73!), so Protect from Range, prayer potions and food are an absolute must! Kree'arra attacks with all three forms of combat, and can hit up to 50 with melee. Kree'arra only uses melee when not under attack, so it is often only a danger while soloing.

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