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    Monsters - General Graardor


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    Monsters - General Graardor

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    Race: Goblin General Graardor
    Level: 624
    Hits: 255
    Ratio: 0.41

    Aggressive? Yes Retreats? No Quest? No Members? Yes Poisonous? No


    God Wars Dungeon - Bandos's Stronghold; Boss Chamber

    P2P Only drops:

    * Gold: 19500-21500
    * 100%: Big bones
    * Weapon: Adamant javelin(17), Dragon spear, Rune 2h sword, Rune battleaxe, Rune javelin(5), Rune longsword, Rune pickaxe, Rune spear, Rune sword
    * Armour: Adamant platebody, Bandos boots, Bandos chestplate, Bandos tassets, Dragon med helm, Rune kiteshield, Rune platebody, Rune sq shield
    * Runes/Arrows: Cosmic(24-29), Death(40,43), Law(41-45), Nature(67-70), Rune(42), Steel(98,148)
    * Misc: Adamantite ore(15-30 noted), Bandos hilt, Chaos talisman, Clue scroll(level 3), Coal(110-150 noted), Curved bone, Dragonstone, Godsword shards, Grimy Snapdragon(3), Half key, Long bone, Magic logs(15-20 noted), Nature talisman, Shield left half(dragon), Silver ore(100-noted), Super restore potion(3,4-dose)(1-3), Uncut gem
    * Seeds: Snapdragon(1)

    Notes: "A huge war chief."

    This is the boss monster of Bandos's Stronghold in the God Wars Dungeon. To access this room, you must kill 40 monsters belonging to Bandos's army in the dungeon and must have a strength level of 70.

    General Graardor is immune to poison and can hit you for well over 60 damage, and possibly 80! Protect from Melee, prayer potions and food are an absolute must! It uses ranged and melee attacks.

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