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    Monsters - TzTok-Jad


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    Monsters - TzTok-Jad

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    TzHaar Fight Caves

    P2P Only drops:

    * Gold: -
    * 100%: -
    * Weapon: -
    * Armour: -
    * Runes/Arrows: -
    * Misc: -
    * Seeds: -
    * Charms(0): -

    Notes: "This is going to hurt..."
    See our TzHaar Fight Caves guide for more information.

    He will attack with all three types of attacks. Staying at a good distance from him to prevent him from using melee attacks and switching between magic and range protect prayers while ranging or maging him is the best way to defeat this boss. Beware, he is very powerful and can one- or two-hit most players.
    Defeating him will teleport you out of the arena and you are rewarded with a Fire Cape and 8000 tokkul. Extra Fire Capes can be sold for 8000 tokkul to the guardian of the Fight Caves. Has been reported to hit over 100 on players who have potted their Hitpoints above maximum.

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