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    Monsters - Spirit Beast -2-


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    Monsters - Spirit Beast -2-

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    Race: Undead Spirit Beast -2-
    Level: 752
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    WARNING: This monster is extremely dangerous. It can easily hit you for high damage and armour has NO affect against it. The only way to avoid its damage is to continuously run away from its attacks (they do not track after you, however they split outwards and will cause damage you if they land nearby).

    Aggressive? Yes Retreats? Yes Quest? Yes Members? Yes Poisonous? No


    Within the cave in the Spirit Realm, accessed during the Summer's End quest.

    P2P Only drops:

    * Gold:
    * 100%:
    * Weapon:
    * Armour:
    * Runes/Arrows:
    * Misc:
    * Seeds:

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