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    Monsters - Corporeal Beast


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    Monsters - Corporeal Beast

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    Race: Undead Corporeal Beast
    Level: 785
    Hits: 2000
    Ratio: 2.55
    Aggressive? Yes Retreats? No Quest? No Members? Yes Poisonous? No


    The cave from the end of Summer's End quest.

    P2P Only drops:

    * Gold:
    * 100%: -
    * Weapon: Dragon spear, Mystic air staff, Mystic earth staff, Mystic fire staff, Mystic water staff, Rune javelin(5)
    * Armour: Blue mystic robe top, Blue mystic robe bottom, Regen bracelet, Spirit shield
    * Runes/Arrows: Cosmic(300-500), Death(300), Law(250), Soul(50-250), Adamant(750), Onyx bolt(e)(150-185), Runite bolt(250, 300)
    * Misc: Adamantite bar(35-noted), Adamantite ore(125-noted),Antipoison++(4-dose)(40), Arcane sigil, Cannonball(2000), Desert goat horn(120-noted), Divine sigil, Dragon bones(100-noted), Elysian sigil, Green dragonhide(100,300-noted), Half key, Holy elixir, Magic log(75-noted), Mahogany log(150-noted), Mahogany plank(150-noted), Nature talisman, Pure essence(2500-noted), Raw shark(70,100-noted), Runite ore(20-noted), Shield left half(dragon), Spectral sigil, Teak plank(100-noted), Tuna potato(30), Uncut gem(5), White berries(120-noted)
    * Seeds: Watermelon(24), and several types of Herb(10)
    * Charm(13): Gold, Green, Crimson, Blue

    Notes: This monster is accessed through the Summer's End quest. It is a VERY heavy hitter and also drains prayer as one fights. If you die you will have NO gravestone and will only keep 3 items! This monster hits through armour (seemingly ignoring any defence bonuses) so it is strongly recommended that you bring none of any high value, if any at all! Saradomin Brews and Super Restore Potions are highly recommended, but not necessarily required if you have a large enough group. Ruby bolt(e) effect currently only deals up to 100 damage. It feeds off summoning monsters so it is is not recommended to bring any. Cannons are allowed in fighting against this monster!

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